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One Step Closer to Anonymity

The internet has been a fun place to work, hang out, research and just about everything else we want to waste our time on.  As technology and the internet matures our privacy and freedoms degrades.  Almost anything we do on the internet is being collected and analyzed with very little control or consent from us.

When the internet first became public we had more anonymity back then then we do today, as well as the experience was similar across the board no matter who was browsing from wherever.  Today everyone experiences the internet differently even if we are visiting the same web page.  Based on the cookies stored on the computer, frequency to the website, or depending how we got to the that page, the content on the page or advertising will be different then someone going to that page from a different computer, from a different location and or from a different device.  Augmented experiences can enrich the experience but can be troubling knowing our individual experience maybe manipulated.

Bid deal! or Bid deal?

If you are not concerned then so be it.  For everyone else we have  tool to help bring back some of our privacy and anonymity when searching.  The site is a search site similar to, and etc., but with a twist.  They will not store or analyze your search results or your computer if they don’t have to.  Below is a link that will better explain the difference between and