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Will this do everything my current PBX system does?

Yes! And more.

How can you promise this is the only phone system I’ll ever need?

Our free lifetime upgrades mean that your Think Simplicity phone system will adapt to support future communication needs. If holograms become the norm, your system will handle it.

How long does the implementation process take?

2–3 days

How does your communication system help with safety and security?

We’ll discuss potential scenarios and implement the solutions that make the most sense. We can set up hotlines or send out alerts to guests, for example.

Do you go through any third parties for your system?

Nope! We developed our phone system, and we install our phone system.

Can you integrate with my property management system?

Sure can!

Does your system work with analog guest room phones?

Yes. It works with both analog and IP telephones.

Do I have to replace my guest room phones?

No. Neither the guest room nor your public space telephones have to be replaced, but you will get new administrative telephones (which are included in the price).

What's included in the monthly cost?

Your monthly cost includes phone system hosting along with our hospitality suite of services: call accounting, voicemail, hold music, auto-attendant, wake-up calls, PMS integration, all software/firmware updates, 24/7 PBX remote technical support AND unlimited calling within the US/Canada.

It’s a pretty sweet deal.