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Think Simplicity Integrates SimplyChat SMS Capabilities to Its Cloud Communication Platform

Integrated solution now provides easy access to SMS to enhance the guest experience and streamline operations

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., March 2, 2022 — Think Simplicity, a cloud communication technology provider of all-inclusive voice and chat solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today the launch of SimplyChat™, an integrated, seamless way to communicate with staff and guests via SMS. By bringing the entire communication platform together seamlessly via the cloud, hoteliers have the opportunity to enhance the guest experience.

Hoteliers are looking to simplify their technology spend, however installing and managing new phone systems can require onsite property managers to communicate with multiple vendors throughout the lifecycle of the phone system. Think Simplicity has taken the guesswork out of the process by building an end-to-end solution that is affordable and easy to implement including SMS features that allow for easy communication with guests and staff.

  • Incorporates all communications – SimplyChat is built into Think Simplicity’s main platform and provides hoteliers with SMS capabilities that can be used to easily communicate with individuals or groups such as housekeeping or maintenance. Additionally, by incorporating all communications into one platform, main phone numbers can be used by guests for SMS as well as phone calls.
  • Daily reporting windows and pre-made templates – Online web portal makes the configuration of key communication features and the SMS module simple to use and manage. A series of filters allow front desk or back-office personnel to manage text conversations from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Broadcasting feature for emergency events – Filter contacts between staff, guests, visitors, or a designated contact list that allows for instant broadcasting to key groups should there be an emergency event.

Alexander J. Perovich, co-founder, Think Simplicity said: “We designed our platform from the ground up specifically for the hotel industry. We saw a need in the industry to bring to market a solution that was enterprise-grade, without the enterprise costs. The addition of SimplyChat to our platform is one of several new features we will be launching in 2022 to streamline operations and add value to our platform.”

Joseph De Ciantis, co-founder of Think Simplicity said: “When we turned our focus to hospitality in 2012, we did so with the belief that hotel phone systems were going to experience a major technological shift. As phone systems age, many properties find that implementing new communication platforms can be complicated and fractured. Our advanced, scalable cloud solution removes the need for multiple third-party vendors and streamlines the process for busy hoteliers.”

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