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RIP to the Hotel PBX – Murder in the Telco Room – Part Two

In this three-part series, we will examine why traditional PBX systems have reached their limitations. In part one we looked at the systems of the past and why they are no longer relevant. In this episode, we will examine the advancement of cloud communications. Part three will provide you with a direct comparison of yesterday’s phone systems and today’s communication systems.

Solving the Mystery of Today’s Communication Systems

If we compare the progression of communication systems with the evolution of computer software and storage, we can see that when the cloud was born so was the ability to deliver, update, and maintain the software in a more efficient way. The simple fact is that the internet and the cloud changed our lives.

Enter the cell phone and the ability to move about unhindered by a landline, and the hotel guest phone began to take a back seat. As time marched on, these devices became primarily used as a means of communication between the guest and the hotel staff. But even these forms of communication are changing, and the hotel room phone is becoming a secondary method of communication.

While the advancement of technology continues to play out, this comparison may seem like ancient history. Yet, what’s in your telco room? Are you overlooking the fact that you may have a dying piece of technology stashed away? If so, it may be time to take a hard look at the next steps to advance your communication options.

After all, converting your main technology stacks to incorporate cloud-delivered software and the ability to update that software remotely happened some time ago for many hoteliers. So why has it taken us this long to replace our communication systems?

Not unlike the convergence of data platforms, phone systems have gone through a major transformation such as the birth of video conferencing and the need to replace existing copper cables of previous network technology. It is time to stop repairing dying technology, or even worse stop upgrading your old PBX with a new “old PBX” and start looking for a modern-day communications system.

You may think that the cost of converting your property to a cloud-based communication system would be prohibitive, but you would be wrong. Cloud communication systems of today are a fraction of the cost of the old PBX and can be updated remotely with new features and upgrades.

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