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Think Simplicity Launches a Flex Pricing Plan for Hoteliers

Tiered pricing model designed to make the transition to cloud communications easier for any size hotel

Think Simplicity, a cloud communication technology provider of all-inclusive voice and chat solutions for the hospitality industry, announced a tiered pricing model today. Designed to help any hotel transition to cloud communications, regardless of size, Think Simplicity’s Flex Pricing Plan makes implementing an affordable, easy-to-maintain, cloud-based phone system easier.

Think Simplicity Flex Pricing Plan was designed for any hotelier, from those managing new builds to those that need to replace legacy PBX systems. There is also an avenue for hotels that require a new phone system but are locked into a contract with their carrier services. Regardless of the plan, hoteliers will see a significant decrease in monthly costs with the bonus of having one vendor to contact if there is any system issue.

  • Shortterm commitment option: Designed for hoteliers who do not want to be locked into a long-term contract.
  • Lower OPEX option:For hoteliers who want to lower their operating expenses.
  • Limited CAPEX budget:For hoteliers with a limited CAPEX budget but need to replace their phone system.

All plans include installation, all PBX features hoteliers are familiar with, ongoing software innovations and updates, no-charge calling within the U.S., 24/7 support, and more.

Joseph De Ciantis, co-founder of Think Simplicity, said: “If you’ve discovered the need to repair or update your old PBX, the costs far exceed what it costs for a cloud communications system. We developed this tiered pricing structure to help our clients transition to the latest sophisticated cloud systems whether replacing old, hardwired equipment or installing a system into a new hotel.”