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Advantages of Hosted PBX…

There are several advantages of a hosted PBX… and it’s not just the cost savings!

I have come to notice that hosted phone services are first looked at because of the savings that they can bring to the table, however cost is not the only advantage of hosted phone services- and should NOT be the only reason that businesses or consumers look to the cloud for their hosted pbx phone system services.

If you pay attention to your daily activities, you will notice that most of the technological devices people are using are in some way attached to the cloud.. whether it’s the crm that your company is using, or apple’s icloud you are using on your iPhone, or anything google… it’s all cloud based. There is a definite shift toward the cloud that technology is moving toward and phone services are simply another vertical moving toward the cloud as well.

Today’s business environments and personal environments are continually evolving, and people are continuously mobile – so why invest in anything that is based on yesterday’s technology that can’t keep up with the change-  and may become inefficient or even obsolete in a few years or less?

Hosted PBX solutions allow a hotel, business or person to scale or adapt or to be as mobile as they need to be…

If a hotel needs to add 20 more guest room phones- not a problem, we can simply add a 24 port switch to the existing hosted PBX setup and the phones for 20 rooms are ready to go!

A small business owner who is always on the move and can’t  miss any calls- not a problem, we  can have all his calls ring his office phone or his cell phone, regardless of which phone number is being called!

A person who spends most of their weekends at the cottage and does not want to miss any calls from family- not a problem, they can pack up their small VOIP phone adapter and plug it in to the phone at the cottage and they are setup just as they are at home with the same phone number!

Overall, hosted phone services provide significant savings,  as well as easy scalability and redundancy. Businesses that do not look in to Hosted PBX Services for their next PBX will run the risk of becoming inefficient and non-competitive.

Don’t delay, start looking at a hosted PBX solution today.