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Hosted PBX and Monthly Telephone Costs?

I mentioned in my previous post that there are 2 parts to the Think Simplicity Hosted PBX offering: the ‘PBX’ (onsite equipment) portion and the Monthly telephone services… and for this post, I will be discussing the monthly telephone services portion.

I would first like to mention that we could offer both the PBX and Phone services together as a complete offering OR independently.  So if the property has recently replaced the PBX and would simply like to take advantage of the monthly savings of leveraging VOIP- they can do that!   Or alternatively, if the property does not have great internet connectivity in their area, they could replace their PBX with our hosted PBX to realize the savings AND maintain their current analog lines.  It a win win from either perspective.

Getting back to the topic at hand – The monthly telephone services are fairly straightforward… the property pays one fixed charge for all local and LD calling within the US and Canada AND our monthly charge is typically 20% LESS expensive than what the property is currently paying.

There are immediate advantages for the property with a lower fixed cost: 1. The monthly telephone bill will always be the same and 2. The property can choose to continue billing guests and create incremental revenue OR provide phone services at no charge to the guests as an added value!

Lastly, I would like to mention that we provide the phone services using SIP trunking, which means that we route all calls over the internet. This can be done by leveraging the property’s existing internet circuit if the bandwidth is sufficient OR the property can add an additional internet circuit designated specifically for the voice portion.  Either way will work perfectly fine.

I would like to note that because SIP trunking leverages the internet for phone services- the property can maintain a backup internet circuit (with a different carrier) and/or analog lines which can be used for failover purposes… so the property is always covered in case of an internet outage.