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Calling 911 with a HOSTED PBX…

Another question that normally comes up when discussing a Hosted PBX is how 911 calling is handled… And simply put- Think Simplicity routes all 911 calls over traditional analog lines.

We recommend that each property maintain traditional analog lines for the purpose of 911 dialling.  We also setup 911 services over VOIP for each of our properties however the analog lines ensure that all 911 calls go through even if the internet circuit is down.

And while we are on the topic of 911 calling – ‘What happens when 911 is dialled from a guest room?’ …  Emergency services are notified and an audible notification is sent to the front desk phone (and any other extension the property would like notified) indicating which guest room just dialled 911.  The audible notification continues to ring the front desk until it is acknowledged.