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How much will a Hosted Hotel PBX cost for my hotel?

I’ve worked with a number of hotels over the last several years and whenever I’m discussing a their hotel phone system with a GM or property manager, the first question always seems to be  … ‘How much will a hosted hotel PBX cost me?’

And the simple answer to that question is ‘LESS than a traditional on–premise hotel phone system, sometimes much LESS!’

The amount of savings will depend on the hotel- but on average, hotels can save 20-30% on the upfront costs of replacement with the same amount of savings realized on the monthly telephone services.  Some of our larger hotels have realized upfront savings of more than 50% when replacing their existing hotel pbx systems!

From an ROI perspective, an average 120-room hotel should realize a return on investment within 48 months.

To give you an idea of the costs for our Hotel VoIP Phone System application…  These costs would include the on-site equipment, new IP administrative telephones; call accounting, voicemail, wakeup call and music on hold. (does not include installation)

A standard 100-room hotel could cost approximately $12K.

A standard 150-room hotel could cost approximately $16K

A standard 200-room hotel could cost just under $20K.  And as the hotel gets larger, greater savings should be realized, a standard 350-room hotel could cost in the range of $32K.

If you compare these costs to traditional hotel PBX costs, you should see a significant savings.  So if you have ever asked the questions, ‘how much does a hosted PBX cost’ or ‘how much can I save on a hosted PBX?’ Now you know.

Stay tuned for the second most asked question…. I’ll give you a hint, there’s more to Think Simplicity Hotel Phone Systems than just savings!