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RIP to the Hotel PBX – Has a tombstone been ordered for your PBX? – Part Two

In part one we discussed how yesterday’s PBX system is fading fast. Below are tangible advantages of taking your phone system into the cloud.

Texting Internally or Externally

As cell phones have become the primary form of communication worldwide, the ability to text has become a primary communication method. Using SMS to communicate with guests and staff is no longer a nice to have; it is a need to have. Does your current phone system (PBX) allow your guests and staff to text on property?

If not, imagine having the ability for group communications and message broadcasting in the event of an emergency, a weather event, or simply communicating with all staff (or a group such as housekeeping) at one time. What if you have a special event or promotion, such as a Happy Hour or a special restaurant menu, and want to get the word out to all guests? Perhaps you have a banquet that has changed rooms or times?

Having the ability to perform outreach to a specific group at the same time is likely a service your guests will remember.

Managing and Viewing Guest Details

Having all your communication capabilities in the cloud and accessible from a single dashboard saves time and creates efficient workflows for front staff and operations employees.

Advanced communication systems can also connect with and share data such as reservation records from the PMS. Through data integration, an intelligent phone system can automatically provide a call history for all extensions, group a list of contacts for accessible communication, or allow operations to easily re-configure extensions throughout the property.

A Single View

Many online cloud platforms today provide the ability to capture and present data from one screen, the Dashboard. This is probably the most crucial advancement for short-staffed hoteliers. Accessing all conditions, reports, and essential data from one screen is efficient and critical in today’s post-pandemic hotel space. Software providers know that making it simple to digest a vast sea of data is imperative if they want the customer to use the software properly.

It is no different for your communication platform. For example, wakeup calls, and call tracking used to be tedious to manage. With the advancements in cloud communications, your front desk staff can now easily pull reports that deliver detailed tracking and reporting for calls, wakeup calls, and emergency calls, freeing up front desk staff time to ensure the guest is being taken care of quickly and easily.

The Past is Gone, the Future of Hotel Communications is Here

We know PBX systems are being phased out, but have you taken steps to budget for and align with a vendor that can help you in the process? In the past, upgrading this equipment required great expense and excessive downtime. If you have a system older than or coming up on ten years in service, you will need to balance the costs of repair against the costs of that downtime. Alternatively, you can turn to today’s more affordable, efficient cloud communication platforms.

The PBX is going the way of the rotary dial phone. It’s time to take advantage of new, streamlined communication services that can take you into the future.

Are you paying more for your phone system? Are you looking at higher maintenance rates, as parts become less available? If so, the time is now to re-visit replacing old equipment with a state-of-the-art, cloud communications system.

Want to learn more about how you can save money with today’s best-of-breed communication systems? Contact to learn how you can save money and reduce friction through an end-to-end cloud communication platform.