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RIP to the Hotel PBX – Why the Invisible Vendor is Your Best Friend – Part Two

In part one, we looked at how new systems maintain and manage new regulations. Read on to learn more about the advantages of installing a new cloud communication system.

The Reality of the New vs. the Old

We all know the pains of dealing with old equipment. Whether it’s an old car, aging appliances, gaming systems, or the phone you carry in your pocket, hardware ages and must be replaced. The difference is fighting the desire to continue with the equipment with which you are comfortable or replace it and learn something new.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, the industry is coming out of two-plus years of reduced revenue, and hoteliers are faced with budget issues beyond the norm. To complicate matters more, because phone systems are generally only replaced every 10-12 years there is a high possibility that the person who purchased the existing phone system has likely moved on.

invisible 3843385_1280Because of this fact, managers and owners have come to rely on equipment vendors to keep their old equipment running. Before the pandemic, the cost of replacing old parts, or updating new services, was likely absorbed into operational expenses. But as the industry returns to a semblance of normal, those with an eye on the budget are likely to take note of these ongoing and increasing costs.

While phone equipment has taken a back seat to the software that makes a hotel run, those times have changed. Old PBXs are static. New cloud communication systems are constantly being upgraded. So just like spreadsheets or the Rolodex of old, the RMS and PMS systems have been replaced with online tools that create efficiency and increase productivity and profitability.

To demonstrate how legacy infrastructure may be holding your hotel back let’s compare the old PBX systems of yesterday with just a few of the capabilities of today’s cloud communication system.


Service PBX Systems Cloud Communications
Caller ID Does not have caller ID – Guests and staff are unable to see the phone number of the person calling into the hotel. Integrated into the digital system.
Wake up calls Front desk and staff telephones are large and cumbersome and force staff to use special codes to activate features such as wake-up call or DND. Newer phones are in a smaller form factor and are easier to use. Online control panel for setting wake-up calls or DND with point and click.
Call accounting systems Still use printer and paper to provide insight into call accounting. Available online and can be viewed in real-time. Nightly call reports can also be emailed to multiple staff.
Voicemail Independent piece of equipment/service. If it fails, it could cost up to several thousands of dollars to replace. Integrated into the software and won’t break down.
New features Requires bringing in a separate 3rd party service provider. Another vendor, another bill and likely downtime. New features and updates are automatically integrated into the system and added remotely via the cloud.
Repair services Most issues require an onsite technician visit and cost. 99% of issues are handled remotely and service is included in contract.


Read part three to learn more about what (or who) the invisible vendor is. Or contact Think Simplicity to discover why you need to convert that old PBX into a new system, sooner than later!