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RIP to the Hotel PBX – The Invisible Vendor is Your Best Friend – Part Three

In parts one and two, we looked at how new systems maintain and manage new regulations and the advantages of installing a new cloud communication system. Part three will explain how today’s communication vendor will be the ghost you never saw. Here’s why!

The Invisible Vendor

The above comparative chart makes clear the reason a hotel needs a system that provides ongoing and consistent updates, not only to ensure FCC compliance but also to provide upgrades that will make your staff more efficient and satisfy your guests’ needs for the latest in communication technology.

Today’s cloud communication system is essentially a living, breathing electro-organism that is constantly evolving and importing changes to the hotel. Today’s software vendors are essentially “invisible vendors,” making improvements, updates, and managing fixes remotely.invisible 3843385_1280

While cloud-based communication systems still require onsite hardware, especially if a hotel has an analog setup, smart communication software vendors are now able to bundle the necessary equipment into their offerings and provide the expertise that can accommodate both analog and/or IP setups.

Even more important is that cloud solutions with onsite equipment rarely require on-premises maintenance, and even those are only needed when there is a need to perform firmware updates on on-premises equipment, amounting to a negligible two percent in most cases.

Cloud-based services require that we think differently. Don’t think so much in terms of timed updates so much as an evolving entity, like the human body. A good cloud communication vendor is updating its software sometimes daily. Customers—no matter how big or small—should be receiving updates continually.

Upgrading micro-services that work together means that customers are likely unaware of them. Think of the updates you get on a smartphone. A notice is sent out that an update is ready, and your job is to ensure the device is plugged in.

The “invisible vendor” is all about reducing friction. Taking time out to do a software update or a complete hardware update is inconvenient for guests and staff alike. Once the hotel is on a cloud platform, neither will have to deal with inconvenience due to the communications system because everything just continues.

Hotels and guests should not be interrupted by their vendors and vendors should take the initiative with care when providing services to their clients. Friction should always be measured and kept at an absolute minimum when possible.

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